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We are a group of young professionals who diligently provide your company with information about products manufactured in Argentina and South America. At the same time, we act as a buyer agent for Argentinian companies, meaning that we can represent your products and introduce them to the local market, saving you up to 95%, (if not 100%) of the actual costs your company would have to deal with, during the continuous process of investment that a business expansion strategy requires.

With a simple collection method system, (we only charge a small commission fee through our “to-the-seller-only” policy), your company will be able to get real and quick advantage of taking part in one of the most fructiferous and growing economies in the world.

How does it work? Simple.

If you need quotation or information about products manufactured in South America, just let us know the details and we will introduce you the best offers available.

If you want to sell your products in Argentina and/or South America, send us a detailed catalog with its price validity period.

For further information, please contact us.

The Teep Comex Team